Working Principle of Saimo 6105 Belt Feeder Integrator Coal Feeder

The Belt Feeder detects and measures the weight of the material passing through the weighbridge to determine the unit of weight (in kgs / m) of the material on the belt. The belt speed is continuously measured by a digital speed sensor whose pulse output is proportional to the belt speed. The speed sensor is mounted on the tail pulley to ensure accurate belt speed measurements and detect all possible slippage.

Speed signals and heavy signals are combined into a 6105 microprocessor-based integrator that generates and displays true-rate signals in TPH and the total material fed. The internal controller compares the flowrate signal to the setpoint feedrate originating from DCS and sends the required output signal to the frequency converter, consequently changing the speed of the feeder belt to maintain the desired constant rate of the feed material. The total material entered is monitored by a computer that sends a signal.

In the Saimo 6000 series module, by processing the weight signal from the load cell and the speed signal from the speed sensor, this calculates and displays the flow rate and total of the feed material.


a. Weighing Capability

- The 6105 integrator is able to connect up to eight 350 Ohm loads and obtain a speed signal from the speed sensor, to calculate the flow rate and total.

- The 6105 integrator has the function of automatic zero calibration.

b. Power Requirements

- 220 VAC + - 10% or 110VAC + -10% 50Hz

- Fuse 2 A

- EMI / RFI filter

c. Load Cell

- Offers 10VDC (+ - 10%), 500mA excited power, up to 8 load cells

- Sensitivity: 0.5mV / V ~ 3.5mV / V

- Max input signal 33mV

- Load cell shield grounding

- Excitation compensation circuits are used when the cable distance is more than 60 meters but less than 900 meters.

- Local or remote compensation can be selected with a jumper set.

d. Mainboard Digital Input

The mainboard provides 6 inputs that can be programmed to receive on-off dry contact signals.

e. Mainboard Digital Output

Mainboard provides 8 programmable outputs

6105 Belt Feeder Integrator Installation, Operating and Service Manual: Saimo Technology Pty Ltd
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