Volumetric Measurement Function on the SAIMO 6105 Coal Feeder Module

The 6105 integrator has a volumetric measurement function. Under normal operating conditions, 6105 compares 2 directions of signal load cells with each other. If both signals are in the range of normal settings, the instantaneous flow rate and total flowrate can be calculated by integration of load cell signals and speed signals. If loadcell fails, for example the loadcell signal is out of range, the volumetric measurement function can be activated automatically.

The working principle of the volumetric measurement system can be explained as follows:

The 6105 integrator calculates the flow rate and belt speed based on a 1 hour period. Then the flowrate is divided by belt speed to get the weight per unit length per hour which is then multiplied by the average hourly speed to get the average flow rate / hour (average flowrate / hour). When loadcell fails, current weight per hour per hour can be automatically used for loadcell signals. This value is multiplied by the current speed to get the current flowrate.


When Volume is set to NO, the volumetric measurement function is deactivated. This difference is a comparative difference for the volumetric measurement function. When the volumetric measurement function is activated, the difference measuring function is automatically activated if the difference between the two loadcell signals continues to exceed the different specified values in which the preset delay time has been set. The 6105 integrator comes out of the volumetric measurement mode when the difference between two loadcell signals becomes less than the preset Difference value.

Refference: 6105 Belt Feeder Integrator Installation, Operating and Service Manual : Saimo Technology Pty Ltd
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