Measuring Function on the Saimo 6000 Series Module

Instantaneous Flowrate Calculation
The signal sent by the load cell, which represents the weight per unit belt length (kg / m), multiplied by the signal sent by the speed sensor that represents the belt speed (m / s). The result of this operation is the Instantaneous Flowrate (kg / m x m / s = kg / s) multiplied by the corresponding constant to get the value in the required technical unit (kg / hour or ton / hour, etc.). Adjustable damping filters are provided separately for the displayed rate and current output.

Flow Totalization
The total is accumulated by multiplying the mass per unit length by adding the length and total results in the engineering unit.

Zero and Span Automatic Calibration
Zero and Span Automatic Calibration are based on the belt length determined by a number of belt turns.

To calculate the correct number of turns, the instrument calculates pulses sent by the speed sensor (one pulse represents a certain length), when the required number of pulses is reached, the instrument ends the calibration test, and compares the actual total value with theory (0 for zero calibration), and calculate the calibration constant.Calibration constants are calculated values ​​that can be calculated based on actual material tests.

- Electronic Calibration (R-Cal)
Allows operators to calibrate without the need to apply a test weight or test chain to weigh stations. Electronic calibration checks all circuits including load cells, and is done by unbalancing load cells using precision resistors. Calibration constants are calculated based on load cell and scale data.

- Weight Calibration Test
Requires positioning of test weights at weigh stations

- Chain Calibration
Requires a calibrated chain application on the belt. This method is the closest to the actual operating condition.

- Material Calibration
It is done by carrying out the known quantity of material on the scale and weighing that quantity on a static scale with known accuracy.

Zero Tracking (AZT)
When preset minimum flowrate is activated, the instrument makes the next automatic zero calibration in the following order:

- Performs automatic zero for one test duration

- continuously repeating zero calibration as long as the feed rate remains below the AZT preset value

Current Output Signal
Optional output / analog input board available. Each current output can be programmed via the keyboard to send one of the following signals:

- flowrate

- belt loading

- belt speed

- control signal

Source: 6105 Belt Feeder Integrator Installation, Operating and Service Manual : Saimo Technology Pty Ltd
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