Principles and Parts of Globe Control Valve

Control Valve is used to control several parameters such as pressure, flow, level, and temperature by fully opening or closing or partially in response to signals received from controllers that compare "Setpoint" to "Process Variables" whose values are fed from sensors that monitor changes in the condition.

Globe valve is a type of valve used to regulate flow in a pipe, which consists of movable disk type elements and stationery ring seats in the body valve.
Globe valve is a control valve that is most commonly used in industry. Globe valves are available in various sizes. Globe valves are used on drains and steam. Globe Valve is applied to the use of high pressure.

The Control Valve has the following 2 parts:

1. Actuator.

2. Body

Parts of the actuator:

1. Diaphragm

2. O-Ring

3. Spring

4. Wheel

Parts of the body Control Valve:

- Plug
- Plug stem (Spindle).
- Balancing Ring
- Seat
- Cage
- Valve position indicator.
- Gland
- Chuck-Nut
- Bonnet

The working principle of the Valve Control parts:


The diaphragm is the most important part of the control valve. The springs remain in the diaphragm. Air enters the diaphragm and pushes the spring. If the diaphragm is damaged, the control valve does not work.

O-Ring is used to prevent air leaks.

The spring is used to give movement to the control valve. In the prevailing air, the spring is compressed and the control valve is operated.

Wheel is used for manual or automatic control valve operation.

Couplings are used to connect the actuator to the body control valve.

Plug is the most important part of the body control valve. Seat is on plug.

Plug stem
The plug stem is also known as a spindle. This plug stem is connected by a coupler to the actuator.

Seat is an important part of the control valve body. When the control valve is fully closed, this is used to prevent leakage. This means that when the seat control valve is damaged it will leak when the valve is full close.

Balancing Ring
Balancing Ring is made of Teflon or metal (Graphite), depending on the Control Valve class. Balancing Ring is also used to prevent leakage from the control valve body.

Bonnet is the outer cover of the Body Control Valve.
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